Early Detection

A young woman smiles at Seidler Family DentistryRegular dental visits are essential for detecting periodontal disease at an early stage.

Current research indicates that problems with your mouth can affect your overall health. The opposite also is true. It is important to detect dental problems early so that your mouth and your entire body remain healthy.

Prevention And Awareness

As part of your visit, we'll teach you the best way to keep your mouth healthy. We will review your brusing and flossing techniques, discuss good dietary habits, and may suggest additional tools to help keep your mouth clean. Keeping your teeth clean is the most important thing that you can do to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease.

During your exam, we also will screen for pre-cancerous changes in your oral tissues, head and neck. Cancer detected at an early stage can be more successfully treated. We will check your head, neck and oral tissues for lumps, masses, growths, red or white patches, and recurring sore areas.

We will also screen your teeth for signs of tooth decay, examine your bite to make sure that you can chew properly, and check your temporomandibular (jaw) joints for signs of problems.

Dental X-rays may be necessary as part of your exam. Among other things, dental radiographics can help to assess tooth decay and periodontal disease. In children, radiographs are also used to evaluate growth and development of the mouth.