How To Prepare For Your Child's First Visit

Little girl having check up at seidler family dentistry.

How to prepare for your child's first appointment?

Having a positive attitude about going to the dentist is everything when it comes to a child. Making the visit a fun experience will keep your child's mind at ease. Trying reading a child's book about dentists or teeth. Try being the dentist at home by taking turns looking at each other's mouth with a flashlight. Schedule an appointment with the dentist at a time of day when your child is most relaxed to ensure cooperation.

In the context of answering questions about what occurs at the dentist's office, please avoid the mention of unpleasant topics that your child may associate with experiencing pain such as injections, or suction and bleeding. Rest assured, Dr. Seidler's approach to treating children is very reassuring, not only for the child, but for the parents as well. If you have any questions about specific treatment, please call Dr. Seidler.