The underlying factor seems to be inflammation-causing bacteria that can travel from diseased gums to other parts of the body through the blood stream. Thus, it makes sense that keeping our teeth clean and our gums healthy may help reduce the risk of heart disease. In fact, recent research has found that people who have their teeth professionally scraped and cleaned had a 24% lower risk of heart attack and a 13% lower risk of stroke compared to those who had never had a dental cleaning. That’s quite a benefit!

Today’s blog has been brought to you as a public service. At the office of Dr. Richard Seidler, Seidler Family Dentistry, preventive dentistry is our goal for every patient. We’re located at 5000 Main Street at South Colony Boulevard, Suite 206, The Colony, where preventive dentistry may not be where we start with every patient, but it’s where we would like to finish. It involves daily care, good nutrition, and periodic check-ups and cleanings that maintain good dental health already achieved. Oral health is a long-term commitment we share with each patient. Please call (972) 625-2222 to schedule an appointment. We take pride in our ability to provide quality dental care in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Most dental insurance accepted.

Did you know?
Gum disease is much more prevalent among diabetics. In fact, periodontal disease is often considered the sixth complication of diabetes.